Ep. 19~ Brenda Harris

Ep. 19~ Brenda Harris

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Welcome back to the Texapolitan Opera Roadshow, I am Michael Mayes, coming at you loud proud from Indianola Iowa at Des Moines Metro Opera. I was able to sit down with DMMO favorite, and beloved opera icon, Brenda Harris this week, and we had a delightful and enlightening chat.  Brenda is singing the New Prioress in DMMO’s incredible production of Dialogues of the Carmelites which is up and running, and a must see if you are in the area.

Before we get started I just want to remind you to head over to the iTunes store and give me a rating and review if you like the show, or hell, even if you hate it~ if you have any feedback or ideas for guests that you’d like to hear on the show, you can hit me on Twitter at @mazerthehazer or on gmail ~ mazerthehazer@gmail.com.

And as always you can find all of the episodes for free at www.texapolitanopera.com or you can have them automatically lazer beamed into your magic wonderbox for free on iTunes by clicking {here}.

allright, lets get this thing going, Episode 19 with Brenda Harris

Computer withdrawals…. like Heroin DT’s
You are much beloved
The Emily Pully
Paying it forward
Monosexual casts
gallows humor
Manipulation is not bad, when you’re an actor
Last Minute Learnin’
Learn how your learn
Finding joy  in your mistakes
Reformatting the artistic hardrive
Wait… Mozart, right?
Down in the valley
City people, we’re not.
How’s the wheat in Montana? DUDE, we’re in a MINI COOPER
Carrying the urban energy into rural areas
Tempted by Corona
Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess
O RLY? where are these 400 people???
DMMO YAPS, work for they’re money
GET OUT THERE AND WORK, you’re 2o years old!
Plenty of time to be jaded
Holding on to the “other” life
Corporate America did her a lot of favors, and not how you’d think
Crazy in contagious
finding your good joo joo wherever you can
Hooked on endorphins worked for me
Using the same terminology for addiction and singing
Working your stuff out, on the WORLD
Good times = good performances
its not a business man, companies don’t MAKE ANY MONEY
The business model doesn’t really apply
Singers don’t last long in temp jobs, because they get permanent job offers, IMMEDIATELY
If you take this job, i think you’ll stop. So i am not offering it to you.
Church jobs are good for you
The Episcopalians know their music
SIng the melody.. NO!!!!
Technology has changed the business so much
Operatic Pantsing
Brenda Harris will BLOW YOUR MIND

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