Ep. 17~ John De Los Santos

Ep. 17~ John De Los Santos

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This week we have another guest rom Fort Worth Opera’s impressive roster of talent,  John De Los Santos,  Director/Dancer/Choreographer and Actor, hell I don’t know the guy just does everything…

Fair warning: This one ain’t for your grandma, so don’t play it as background for your church bingo tournament.  John and I worked together on Carmen the summer of the Lone Star Opera escapades, so we definitely have some good stories to throw down on this episode.  John is a Texan and really speaks to the of mission of this podcast, he’s raw, unfiltered, incredibly talented, and not ashamed to be who he is.  From my perspective, its the only way to be in the arts.

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some singers are just up tight
so anyway, COCK
somehow they got the impression that I was a gossipy bitch
You fuck somebody over, you’re done
You gotta go blue for reality TV
We’re still doing the stuff that rock stars do~
FWOP 2011, Roger, Seth, Scully, it could get ugly
Scully and I together is a little bit like crossing the beams in Ghost Busters
Let’s Go OUT!! You, I got netflix and a bottle of wine, I’m good.
I feel like I need to get arrested at some point~ just to build my street cred
is it Rape-Pigtails-Rape, or Pigtails-Rape-Pigtails?
You want Traditional? Go watch a video…
Constantly expand, and ride the cutting edge
Beth Clayton could KICK MY ASS
the human jock strap
on the fly text changes in Mikado
Segues… on STAGE
whoa. I saw the pores on his sack~
Going the full Okulitch~ the right way
I’ve seen 100′s of balls in my life
They didn’t manscape in the 50′s
The pubes were lost in the transport, and now has a giant bush
When doing the full Okulitch, keep a space heater in your dressing room~
Dan’s always IN IT
John’s a SPACKER
Finding commonality in the trailer park
if you screw a hooker… OWN IT
the tradition of trailer park denial in Texas
Terra Patris
‘Y’all’ is here to stay
Where are you from? Dallas.. ohhhhhhh
Dallas don’t scare me, I’ve been to Detroit
Wal-Mart’s a great place to see the villagers
Sometimes you just need a picture frame
The Hard-Scrabble determination of Detroiters
Minnesotans~ hard to get used to?
You gotta talk slow to Minnesotans
The gyms and pools in Utah are INSANELY THICK with sexual tension
The Mazer in a Dance Club
The Round Up in Dallas
The Mazer goes to the Gay Honky Tonk
The naked oily bartender
Where’s the slot on the human credit card scanner
The patrons at the Gay Honky Tonk, not big Muddy Waters fans
Cock Spoons
Opera Singers alternate talents
Goldie Lame aka David Ward
John De Los Santos as Estelle in the Golden Girls Parody
The crazy cross section of the Golden Girls
Full Okulitch
I’m raping as hard as I can John!
Michael Mayes’ Wigs n Merkins on sale now…
The John de los Santos effect
We get payed to play dress up
If we’re having a good time onstage, it translates
Michael Mayes the definitive Motorcycle Cop
You’re going to have to pry my fingers off of the stage door
Opera Singers Tap Dancing? yeah… that’s loud
Cosi in a Frat House
We started all cocks and balls and ended with Music Theory



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