Ep. 12 ~ Robert Boldin with special guest Slim Spadermann

Ep. 12 ~ Robert Boldin with special guest Slim Spadermann

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The Texapolitan Opera Roadshow makes a return visit to the Metronome Coffee Shop in Tacoma, WA with one of our surpise guests from last week, Robert Boldin, and special secret guest Slim Spadermann.  Rob and I go way back to our time in Chicago where we enjoyed the pleasures that Chicago had to offer us to the fullest.  Rob is just one of those guys who is immediately lovable, and I truly believe he might be the Kevin Bacon of the opera world.


Join us as we yap about:

Back at the metronome
Which coffee goes best with Blueberry Syrup?
Get thee back to Cut and or Shoot
A little but fuzzy
Tacoma Weather
Asado – Meat-a-booze-a-palooza
Your clothes always smell like beef, that’s a pro, not a con
Michael Mayes aphrodesiac~ meat perfume~ Mazer Spanish Fly
Solid 15 seconds of usable material
Notes flow in one direction, scarf to no scarf
the MF in MFA stands for…
paying for coffee in installments
Free Electricity
The CCM fortress wall
Jerry Springer~ missed it by THAT much
Rob Boldin is a terrible uncle
Inappropriate Cartoons
Dating Olympics and Pepe LePew
Yosemite~ Sam
Mike’s Dandini Formula
Megan Monaghan and Dan Boring~ Power couple
NPR Rage
Journalists are liberal??!?!?! I AM SHOCKED AN APPALLED
If you will? I will.
Classical Music is a Cultural Commodity
Fair and Balanced? Totally ~ look, that dude’s driving a Prius
The anti-arts momentum
Molotov, no scratch that, Cheese Curd Cocktails
Opera and MT
Art and Culture endure
All Passes Art Alone Endures
Old Bearded White Dudes Smashing the State
Tailgating at a protest, only in Wisconsin
“I smashed the state and all i got was this lousy T-shirt”
Anger is healthy
Scarf/Hammock Combo
The Smith Scarf Collection, now at the smithsonian
Texapolitan Opera Pencils
The Blackberry Curve ruined entire days
Mac vs PC
HAL was definitely a PC
The Robocalypse is coming
Aliens among us?
Rob gets put on the relationship hotseat
Adult Time Out
Are you a notary public? No but i did stay in a holiday inn express last night…
Sean Anderson and Andy Wilkowske~ like crossing the streams
Awkward Grapes Suckling
What once was survival is now fetish
Beyond Tacoma Dome
Two Hipsters enter One Hipster leaves
Bill Nye the Coffee Guy
The women on the west coast are, Boldinesque
Weapons of the Director-off
Irving and Lee Spiderman
Spiderman, The Musical that Kills
Slewsical- a slew of new musicals

INTRO OUTRO MUSIC: “Where is the life that late I led” from Kiss Me Kate~ Robert Boldin, Tenor

-Michael Mayes

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